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School Uniforms and Accessories

Uniforms provide a visual sense of belonging and of community. They also set a standard of appearance respectful of the school’s mission and are in accordance with the requirements of the Thai Ministry of Education. Uniforms can help reduce clothing competition and some kinds of negative group behaviour. Indeed, most students and parents are happy not to have to make decisions about what to wear each morning.

Students are expected to wear the uniform with pride. Parents can help by ensuring your child has the correct uniform items and that they are cleaned regularly. If there is a reason a student is unable to wear the correct uniform, please write a note to the classroom teacher indicating the reason and duration. All items may be purchased at the UWC Thailand Uniform Shop.

All students are expected to be well-groomed and tidy in appearance. Hair is to be worn in a style that does not distract from academic focus. Jewellery must be minimal; a single simple ring may be worn, as well as a simple, single necklace. Modest earrings may be worn and any other piercings must be subtle. Obvious makeup is not permitted. Shoes and Hats Students are expected to wear closed-toed shoes or sneakers to school. For safety reasons, flip-flops or other sandals are not allowed.

Official Uniform

Preschool to grade 12: The school uniform consists of the following items for purchase and are not intended to be gender-specific guidelines. Any piece may be worn by any student, apart from having the appropriate colour of polo shirt per programme:

  • Mini-Mantas 3 - grade 5: Teal UWC Thailand polo shirt
  • Grade 6-10: Blue UWC Thailand polo shirt
  • Grade 11-12: White UWC Thailand polo shirt
  • Grey skorts
  • Grey Bermuda shorts
  • White and blue school cap
  • Black UWC Thailand hoodie with zip front
  • Optional all-in-one swimwear (age 3-6)
  • Optional swim racer (age 6-18)
  • Optional swim trunks (age 6-18) 
Grade 11-12 Dress Code Expectations

In order to provide an element of choice for grades 11 and 12, and differentiate them from the remainder of the school, the uniform consists of a white polo shirt with the school logo on it and any smart, plain black trousers/skirt/ shorts (i.e. no cargo pants, sweatpants, tracksuits, inappropriately low trousers etc). All items should be hemmed.

The emphasis is on smart, plain, black. There should be no ripped garments. The appropriate length of skirts and shorts at schools has been a source of debate around the world since school uniforms were created. Here at UWC Thailand we expect that the decisions you make on the length of the skirts and shorts that you wear are in line with:

  • The expectations of our host country Thailand, which is a relatively conservative Asian culture.
  • Our UWC Thailand values of intercultural and international understanding, independence with integrity and personal example.
As a guide your choice of skirt / shorts should:
  • Be practical and smart.
  • Cover all private areas in all circumstances.
  • Be respectful of the different values present at UWC Thailand.
Grade 11 and Grade 12 uniform
Grade 6 to Grade 10 uniform
Mini-Mantas 3 to Grade 5 uniform
Physical Education Uniforms

The proper Physical Education uniform must be worn by all students starting in Nursery. Proper running shoes must also be worn. All students must have a pair of non-marking Physical Education shoes to help protect the gym floor. During gymnastics, students will be barefoot.