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UWC Nexus Program: Student Leadership across the UWC Movement

UWC Nexus Program: Student Leadership across the UWC Movement
Isabel, grade 11 (Tanzania, Italy, and the United States)

Last week, the current Co-heads of UWC Thailand Student Council, Isabel, grade 11 (Tanzania, Italy, and the United States), and Lazar, grade 11 (Serbia), along with the previous Co-heads Yliane, grade 12 (Spain), and Raidul, Grade 12 (Bangladesh), visited UWC ISAK as part of the UWC Nexus Program. This program aims to unite UWC schools worldwide and encourage cross-cultural learning and collaboration. While all UWC schools share the same goal and mission, there are differences in student culture and school structure. By embracing these differences and learning from other UWCs, we can enrich each of our own school communities.

During their week at UWC ISAK, the students lived like typical UWC ISAK students. They attended classes, experienced the classroom atmosphere, participated in after-school activities such as Aikido, Rainbow Alliance, Makers Club, Peer Support, and Sustainable Fashion Club, and lived the UWC ISAK boarding experience. They also attended meetings with significant individuals and committees from the school to learn more about the structure and running of the college.

This experience was transformative for the students, and they plan to use what they learned to enrich the community at UWC Thailand. Raidul from Bangladesh said, "This one week will be one of the most memorable parts of my UWC experience as I was able to live on a campus completely different from ours yet very similar, learn about things which I never thought of, and make friends of a lifetime just in a week." Isabel and Yliane deeply value the connections they made and continue to keep in contact with their friends. Lazar from Serbia added, "We plan to implement what we have learned at UWC ISAK in the following months. We intend to raise the UWC spirit on campus through various activities hosted by the Student Council. These activities will bolster the changemaker-idealist spirit in our students and motivate them to take more initiative. Additionally, we plan to encourage students to take more leadership roles. Being at ISAK also gave us a lot to be grateful for."

This exchange is a prime example of the power of cross-cultural learning and collaboration within the UWC movement, illustrating how we can all benefit from embracing diversity and sharing experiences.