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Student Council 2024

Student Council 2024
UWC Thailand

The start of the second semester marked the election of the new UWC Thailand Student Council assembly for 2024. Through a voting process, students elected their leaders as follows:

Co-Heads of Student Council: Isabel, grade 11 (Tanzania) and Lazar, grade 11 (Serbia)

Head of Homeroom Representatives: Rabab, grade 11 (Sudan)

Head of Academics: Raian, grade 11 (Bangladesh)

Head of Diversity: Imojen, grade 11 (Bermuda)

Co-Head of Residential: Ahmed, grade 11 (Libya) and Areeba, grade 11 (Bangladesh)

Head of Sustainability: Juliette, grade 11 (Belgium)

Head of Wellbeing: Milana, grade 11 (United States)


Positions and Duties in Student Council 

When asked about plans and aspirations for the Student Council, the Co-Heads stated:

"We are incredibly excited to be working with so many passionate peers in this Council. In our role as Co-Heads of the Student Council, we plan to improve our connections with other campuses in the UWC movement, building the foundations for joint cross-campus and exchange projects. We also aim to elevate the status of our school as a pillar of the local community through increased engagement while remaining true to the UWC spirit and maintaining the internal culture of our school. Lastly, for the Student Council to succeed in ambitious projects, it is crucial to be well-heard and well-coordinated. We will work on maximising the efficiency of our work and more actively informing our student body about the Student Council's activities."

Furthermore, during our conversation, Lazar and Isabel highlighted specific intentions of individual Heads within the Student Council:

  • Milana will focus on ensuring students' well-being is at the forefront of everything at UWC Thailand, emphasising this to school leadership. She will also work to ensure that students can prioritise their well-being when entering the world after graduation.

  • Head of Homeroom Representatives, Rabab, will represent the respective grade homerooms and collaborate with homeroom representatives of each grade level to ensure that students' voices are heard and reflected in the Student Council, with the aim of comprehensively meeting their needs.

  • Head of Diversity, Imojen, will work towards creating a globally minded school where the voice of students leads the path to achieve greater equity, inclusion, and belonging. Collective growth will be grounded, strengthened, and supported by differences.

  • Head of Academics, Raian, will be responsible for helping students maintain academic excellence coupled with integrity by providing all forms of assistance needed by the school to ensure deliberate success.

  • Co-Heads of Residential, Areeba and Ahmed, will design activities to ensure that the residential community is a secure living space where everyone feels valued and heard. They aim to cultivate a greater sense of belonging to the diverse UWC Thailand community that thrives on mutual respect and intercultural understanding to make the boarding experience memorable.

  • Head of Sustainability, Juliette, will work to improve sustainability at UWC Thailand, taking more action and responsibilities as needed to make a difference.

We extend our warmest congratulations to all the newly elected members and wish them the very best in their new roles.

We would like to express our gratitude to the outgoing Student Council members for their hard work and dedication to the school. Your contributions have made a lasting impact on our community!