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2024 UWC Cup Regatta

2024 UWC Cup Regatta
Rob Carmichael, UWC Thailand Director of Outdoor Experiential Education

The much-anticipated 2024 UWC Cup Regatta took place on the 16 March, eaving participants and spectators alike with memories to cherish and lessons learned. With over 40 sailors registered across four race categories, the event promised to be an exhilarating showcase of skill, determination, and sportsmanship on the water – and it did not disappoint.

From the outset, the atmosphere was one of excitement as sailors geared up for the challenges ahead. A huge thank you to all that volunteered in helping the event run smoothly, from registration to boat rigging and launching.

Once all sailors were registered and briefed, it was time for the real action to begin. The races were fiercely contested, with competitors pushing themselves in pursuit of victory. The wind, the waves, and the spirit of competition combined to create a wonderful atmosphere on the water and for all those in attendance.

The events categories were; Green Fleet Optimists, Silver Fleet Optimists, Silver Fleet O’pen Skiff and Gold Fleet O’pen Skiff. The four categories allowed students to be best positioned to be competitive with peers of a similar level, from beginner sailors to our most advanced. Whilst all sailors did exceptionally well and are sure to have come away from the vent with memories made and lessons learned, a special mention to our top three in each category:

Green Fleet Optimists
1st - Sean Ho
2nd - Jaycob Thomas
3rd - Yucheng ‘Tommi’ Zhang

Silver Fleet Optimists
1st - Alferd Wang
2nd - Erik Kirillov
3rd - Senna Yuma

Silver Fleet O’pen Skiff
1st - Samara Evans
2nd - Gabriel Rice
3rd - Rielly Bilan

Gold Fleet O’pen Skiff
1st - Puttisun ‘Case’ Limpanonda
2nd - Owen Wong-Forhart
3rd - Ellie Wong-Forhart

As the event drew to a close, there was a clear sense of community and camaraderie among all our sailors, which is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of all those involved.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make the UWC Cup 2024 a resounding success – from the participants and spectators to the organizers and volunteers. Your contributions have truly made this event an unforgettable experience, and we look forward to welcoming you back for future editions of the UWC Cup.

Until then, fair winds and following seas!