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UWC Day 2023
Heidi Oxley-Whitnell, UWC Thailand Creativity, Activity & Service Coordinator

Explore the post highlighting the impact of UWC Day and the vital role of personal commitment in fostering sustainability for a brighter future.

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Empowering the Next Generation of Global Leaders
UWC Thailand

UWC Thailand's transformative IB education and the IB Diploma Programme pave the way for students to gain admission to renowned universities worldwide. With opportunities such as the Davis United World Scholars Program and numerous scholarships through university partnerships, students are empowered to realise their full potential, making a difference in their communities and beyond

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Exploring the Natural World through the eyes of an Educator
Katie Feather, UWC Thailand Diploma Programme Coordinator

As an educator, I am dedicated to nurturing a love for the natural world in my students, encouraging them to recognise their inherent connection to nature and the world around them. Through my experiences and passion, I aim to inspire reverence for the environment, fostering responsible stewardship and conservation practises.

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Class of 2023 University Entrances
UWC Thailand

UWC Thailand takes great pride in celebrating the remarkable achievements of the Class of 2023. Their exceptional IB Diploma results have surpassed all expectations, and with acceptance to over 200 individual institutions across the globe, our graduates have set new milestones and expanded the frontiers of success for future generations. 

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Future Preparation Week
Geoff Buck, UWC Thailand Subject Area Learning Leader for Science and Mathematics

The Grade 11 students recently completed their IB "Group 4 Project," an integral part of the IB science program that emphasises collaboration among students from different science disciplines and fosters an appreciation for real-world scientific cooperation.

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First page of the PDF file: Yearbook202223
Aleka Bilan, Director of Wellbeing

As we have seen through the COVID-19 pandemic, humans need several factors in order to be and feel well, particularly with their mental health. When we feel connected, have a shared sense of belonging, and are able to move and rest both our bodies and our minds, then we are setting ourselves up in a positive frame of mind...

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UWC Thailand Mock exam Paper
Katharine (Katie) Feather, Diploma Programme Coordinator

At UWC Thailand we hold Mock exams in the first 2 weeks of February in Grade 12. They are designed to give students an opportunity to practise and prepare for the final exams and to get a sense of what to expect. Preparing for mock exams can be a challenging and intense experience, but it is also a valuable opportunity for students to improve their performance.

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Celebrating Songkran
Phatcharaphorn (Yui) Phermkaaew, School Director

Songkran is the largest and most famous festival in Thailand, marking the start of the Thai New Year. While younger people may best know it for the large-scale water fights, it is also famous for traditional water blessing ceremonies.

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Building Number Sense Through Visual Models and Tools
Tiffany Eaton, Primary Mathematics Coordinator

Here in Primary School at UWC Thailand, mathematical learning often looks messy. At times, learning and teaching does not resemble how we might have been taught math previously. Yes, our students still learn their times tables; ultimately, however, at the initial data or memorization stage, the learning for our students has just begun.

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Living and Learning Together
Tapiwa Chikungwa, Director of Residential Life

Boarding at UWC Thailand offers students a unique opportunity to build interpersonal skills and relationships across cultures and backgrounds through a shared living experience. Boarding students live in shared rooms in the on-campus Boarding House and the off-campus villa, with roommates assigned in alignment with the value of deliberate diversity. 

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Camps and Expeditions
Rob Carmichael, Director of Outdoor Experiential Education

The annual camping trips taken by the students are designed to give them a unique and enriching experience beyond learning in the classroom. These expeditions are carefully planned to provide opportunities for all students to learn new skills, challenge themselves, and develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world. 

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