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Learning Support

UWC Thailand is a nurturing, inclusive school that opens its doors to students with learning support needs, provided these can be met through our comprehensive school programmes and our devoted Learning Support Team. We offer a wide range of support services across all school sections, including the expertise of specialist teachers, a Speech and Language Pathologist, and an Occupational Therapist. These services, tailored to individual student needs, include speech and language therapy for communication disorders and challenges, as well as occupational therapy to help students navigate daily life hurdles. These specialised services are integrated into the students' schedules and incur an additional cost for families.

Our commitment to inclusivity means we strive to support a diverse student body to excel and reach their full potential. However, in designing support plans and considering enrolments, we must balance the Learning Support Team's capacity with the needs of all our students at every grade level. To provide the most effective support, we require families to provide complete and up-to-date documentation and information about their child's needs from the point of application and throughout their time at our school.

The Learning Support Team offers ongoing assistance in four primary areas:

  • Cognition and Learning
  • Communication and Interaction
  • Social, Emotional, and Mental Health
  • Sensory and Physical

We invite families to engage openly with us, ensuring we can work together to support our students' learning journeys.

Led by the Head of Whole School Learning Support, a team of highly qualified teachers and specialists offer support to students through in-class co-teaching, learning support classes, and small-group or individual interventions. Dedicated Learning Support Assistants (LSA) collaborate closely with teachers to assist with the teaching and learning of specific students and ensure everyone's progress.

Our Speech and Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist offer a variety of services, including individual sessions, comprehensive assessments, and training workshops for parents and educators.

With our team's support, teachers across the school are able to differentiate (adapt and tailor) instruction (teaching and learning) to meet the needs of most students in the Primary Years, Middle Years, and Diploma Programmes.