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Learning Support

UWC Thailand is an inclusive school and we welcome students with learning support needs that can be adequately serviced through our school programming and learning support team. We have learning support staff across all sections of the school and additionally we offer Speech and Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy services for students who qualify for these services. Speech Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy services are paid for by the family receiving services.

We pride ourselves on offering an inclusive educational environment and support many students to excel and reach their full potential. When planning support, we have to fully consider our Learning Support Staff to Student ratio, as well as the needs of each individual in the grade level.

The Learning Support Team currently offer regular support to students with needs in the four main categories:

  • Cognition and Learning
  • Communication and Interaction 
  • Social Emotional and Mental Health 
  • Sensory and Physical

Led by the Head of Whole School Learning Support, a team of highly qualified Learning Support Teachers and specialists provide support for students through in-class co-teaching, learning support classes, and 1:1 interventions as well as assessments. Dedicated Learning Support Assistants work closely with teachers to assist in the teaching and learning for specific students and ensure progress for all. 

At UWC Thailand we also have a qualified Speech and Language Pathologist to assess and support people with communication disorders and difficulties and a qualified Occupational Therapist to help people to overcome difficulties in aspects of daily life often focusing on the development of  motor skills.

With support from our team, teachers across the school are able to differentiate (adapt and tailor) instruction (teaching and learning) in order to meet the needs of the vast majority of students in the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes. 

Some students require instructional interventions to help make progress on a particular skill or gap in prior knowledge. Interventions vary in length and could be delivered to small groups or individual students.