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Extended Learning

Supporting all of our levels, with just the right amount of challenge, is a priority at UWC Thailand. How does extension of learning look across the different ages and stages?

In our Early Years Programme, student learning is extended and supported through our developmental approach to teaching and learning. Students are consistently offered flexible groupings that ensure that the appropriate level of challenge is matched to their current development stage and readiness. It is especially in the early years of life that our students grow and develop at their own pace. Our educators are trained and attuned to supporting each learner at the rate they are developing as individuals.

In our Primary School, students engage in Learning Hubs, which offer opportunity for greater voice and choice in learning pathways, to include a strong support of learner agency, intrinsically connected to a student’s belief in their own ability to succeed; where they use their own initiative and will in order to take responsibility and ownership for their learning.

In our Secondary Program, extension of learning happens in a few different ways:

  • Starting in grade 9, students have the option to select an Individualised Learning Pathway which allows them to follow a passion for a specific area of study over the course of a year and swap time on that passion project for other elective subjects on their normal school schedule. We find that oftentimes our students with the strongest sense of independence and creative and advanced thought find our Individualised Learning Pathways as a welcome option as a complement to their grade level studies.

  • Manta Time is a structure that strongly supports Interdisciplinary Learning in grades 6, 7 and 8. From units such as Conflict Resolution to Digital Storytelling, our middle years students learn to go in depth with their learning and to make meaningful connections across multiple disciplines.

  • Self-Taught Mother Tongue is a programme that allows our students with multilingual backgrounds to independently continue development of their chosen mother tongue language. 

  • Flexible course selection in the Diploma Programme means that students who are highly motivated can select four High Level courses, instead of three. For students who are strongly motivated for high-level university studies and for whom learning processes are easily facilitated, this can be a recommended approach to take.