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Primary Years Programme

The Primary Years Programme at UWC Thailand encompasses senior kindergarten to grade 5. Throughout the Primary Years Programme, children are provided with the opportunities to be an agent for their own and others’ learning through the concept of learner agency. Learner agency is connected to a student’s belief in their own ability to succeed; where they use his/her own initiative and will in order to take responsibility and ownership for their learning. This is supported through a holistic approach to learning and teaching that is concept-driven, skills-focused, and designed in a manner that encourages children to inquire, question, wonder, research, act, and reflect about themselves, others and the world around them.

Understanding what sparks curiosity and motivates our learners is the foundation of our approach to the learning and teaching within our Units of Inquiry. Our students’ academic experience is further enriched by dedicated class time for Art, Music, Physical Education, Thai Language and Culture, and Mindfulness practice. Our class sizes ensure teachers have an opportunity to differentiate for student needs.

The Primary Years Programme curriculum balances inquiry with direct instruction to ensure students have the necessary, foundational knowledge in areas such as literacy and numeracy. As a transdisciplinary programme, our Units of Inquiry extend our students’ experience to be further enriched by time to engage with Art, Music, Physical Education, Thai Language and Culture as well as aspects of the pillars of UWC Thailand: Mindfulness, Outdoor Education, and Service.

The Primary Years Programme culminates in the Grade 5 Exhibition, in which students demonstrate their understanding of an issue or opportunity they have chosen to explore. They undertake their investigation both individually and collaboratively with their peers and the greater learning community through mentorship and advisors. The emphasis of the Exhibition is not on the product of their learning, but on the process of the journey. It is a powerful demonstration of student agency that enables learners to further develop their international-mindedness and see themselves as confident, capable, action-oriented, contributing members of the community who make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.

In real life, my kids are going to face challenges that require an interdisciplinary mindset and resilience. I love that the PYP at UWC Thailand starts teaching these skills at a young age and really digs deep - I believe these are among the most important skills that my children will need to be equipped with, in order to be successful and happy in life.Denise Gilmartin, Parent

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