Annual Aquatics Galas

Annual Aquatics Galas
Alison (Ali) Wyatt, UWC Thailand Physical Education Teacher, and Experiential Learning Teacher


The annual Primary and Secondary Swim Galas, held prior to the Songkran break, dazzled with resounding success, setting a vibrant tone for our aquatic endeavors.

Anticipation ran high among our Primary Students, fueled by their unwavering determination to refine their skills leading up to the event. Engaging in a minimum of three events, they not only showcased their progression but also rallied points for their respective house teams, embodying our ethos of pushing boundaries and embracing discomfort in pursuit of personal growth. The day was a testament to the students' exemplary sportsmanship and fair play, fostering a culture of positivity and camaraderie.

The pool was awash with achievements as numerous personal bests and school records tumbled, underscoring the relentless hard work and dedication of our students. Amidst the individual showcases, the atmosphere bubbled with excitement during the entertaining relays, including the spirited doughnut relay where students gleefully propelled teachers across the pool.

Transitioning to the Secondary Swim Gala, students relished the opportunity to tailor their participation, exploring a diverse array of races and relays. The event not only celebrated the prowess of our Secondary students but also showcased the dynamism of aquatics sports through the thrilling Grade 8 and 9 Water Polo tournament.

Embracing inclusivity, students were seeded according to their abilities, leading to remarkable progress and fiercely competitive performances, notably by our esteemed Manta team members. As the waters settled and scores tallied, the Green team triumphed in the swimming event, while the Yellow team clinched victory in the water polo tournament.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the courageous students who showcased their talents, the enthusiastic parents who cheered from the sidelines, and the dedicated staff whose meticulous organisation and unwavering support ensured the success of these events. With anticipation, we eagerly await the upcoming Early Years Swim Gala on Wednesday, 22 May, where our youngest swimmers will captivate us with their aquatic progress.

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