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A Philanthropic Legacy


“Obviously as one person, you can’t do a lot, but if everybody does a little bit, you know, then maybe we will be getting somewhere. International schools can cater to only the elite of society, because parents who send their kids to this school, they have a certain social standing, they have a certain income level, but they should be equally interested in providing scholarships because that is a choice that will also help their own children to have a better future. The problem is there, and if we don’t solve it, nobody will solve it. And as a parent, if I want to do something good for my kid, I can’t restrict myself to do something for only my kid. I need to go do something for as many kids as I can, because, you know, our kids live in a society.”

~ Klaus Hebben, School Founder and ESF Board Member

Our visionary founder Klaus Hebben has long been committed to mindfulness and progressive educational ideals. Since then, the school has grown and flourished. In August 2016, UWC Thailand joined the United World College movement and became the 16th school to share in the UWC mission. We are currently Thailand’s only international school south of Bangkok that is fully authorised to offer three International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes.

Klaus is committed to continuing his commitment by establishing the "Klaus Hebben Scholarship Fund" and making yearly scholarship donations. Scholarships that have a significant impact on the lives of students, providing them with opportunities for education and personal growth. Klaus's philanthropy will continue to contribute to the betterment of society by supporting individuals in their pursuit of knowledge and achievement in an environment that is focused on mindful action.

The power of giving to UWC Thailand

Our Advancement team seeks to raise, invest and manage philanthropic contributions to benefit UWC Thailand.

Since 2020, UWC Thailand has benefited from the time, talent and treasure of over 15 committed volunteers from the education, finance, business, legal and philanthropic sectors who have made up our robust school governance and philanthropic framework.

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If you have any questions and giving or donations, please reach out to
our Development Committee who directly support the philanthropic efforts of UWC Thailand.


UWC Thailand's Development Committee members are:
  • Nicki Robertson
  • Carma Elliot
  • Ulrike zu Salm
  • Jenny Khor
  • Calvin Quek


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