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"Developing the citizens of tomorrow capable of the kind of collaboration and thinking we will need if climate catastrophe is to be averted is, at least in part, the responsibility of today’s schools, teachers, and educators.”

Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General of the International Baccalaureate
Source: SDG Action, Climate Action edition 2021

Sustainability is a key focus at the UWC International Congress at the UWC Thailand campus in Phuket, Thailand. We recognise the urgency of addressing the climate crisis and actively take steps to reduce our environmental impact. Here's how we're incorporating sustainable practices during Congress:

UWC Thailand’s Commitments to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability begins with the UWC Thailand campus itself. UWC Thailand is on a journey of becoming ever more eco-friendly in its practices. While visiting UWC Thailand’s campus, we encourage you to support our efforts by:

  • Bringing and using your own reusable water bottle
  • Making use of our recycling bins located around campus
  • Wearing clothes you are comfortable in outdoors to avoid the need for air conditioning
  • Considering using outdoor spaces for meetings and conversations (avoiding the use of electricity)
  • Engaging with our environmental projects on campus!

Get to know more about Sustainability Commitments across the Movement

Schools and colleges across the UWC movement are committed to a sustainable future! Visit the shared UWC Sustainability website to learn more about commitments across the 18 schools and colleges!