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Mindfulness Experiences


UWC Congress: Mindfulness Moments

Take a breath and tune into yourself and your surroundings. What's on your mind?
What emotions or sensations are you feeling? And what's happening around you? It’s about setting an intention, savouring moments of joy, watering seeds of gratitude and kindness, acknowledging tough moments, and finding ways to navigate them with presence, so we can go back in the world and accomplish our mission of making education a force for peace and sustainability.

More than merely learning general concepts of mindfulness, we apply mindfulness in our everyday life, no matter whether we are reading, walking, eating, communicating, making decisions, transitioning in between two activities, or having difficult conversations. Our mindfulness is secular and trauma-informed.

This is how we practise mindfulness at UWC Thailand. All through the Congress, we invite you to join our core mindfulness practices, and enjoy a moment together in a quiet and meditative space, replenishing your energy for the rest of the day.

Additionally, we will end the Congress with a two day mindfulness retreat, to wind down from the high of the Congress and process all the amazing learnings, while sinking into the wonderful nature of Thailand. This will be an opportunity to explore our inner landscape, drawing from the wisdom of nature, and getting ready to transition back home.