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Day-to-day Life

Learning Together

Attending a school that supports student learning from age 2 to grade 12 means that you are always in deep connection with others, with your learning, with body and mind and with nature.

Connecting intellectually

Transformative learning processes abound at UWC Thailand, a reflection of the fact that we are at a fascinating crux in time as 21st century skills value very different attributes than those needed in generations past. This new generation, and those to come, will need to seamlessly draw up strong communication skills, unparalleled creativity and problem-solving. Students will need to harness perseverance that pushes them forward and they will need to be able to do it all collaboratively and with the aid of digital and technology skills. 

Connecting body with mind

Our present day realities require dual abilities of dynamism and flexibility and yet to also approach tasks from a grounded and centred space. The world is an increasingly hectic place, with urgent priorities and demanding realities. UWC Thailand makes education a force but our students are anything but ‘forceful’- they come at change grounded in mindfulness and with a presence and a calm that ensures they not only do what the world needs, but also become who the world needs them to be as leaders. Our innovative approach to high-calibre teaching and learning strives to strike the perfect balance between a high-achieving drive and the neuroscience truth that a balanced mind is a healthy mind. We are mindful because that is what our bodies need and what the world needs from us as well. Across our campus, in every aspect of life at UWC Thailand, you experience this sense of grounding and peace as we learn together each day.

Connecting with nature

The future needs people who have the courage to act when something needs to be done. When we consistently teach and expect strength, resilience and grit from today’s youth, we prepare them to show the bravery that leadership will demand. The UWC Thailand Outdoor Experiential Education program, coupled with the rigour of an IB education, and then compounded by the realities of residential, for our boarding students, a life in which our students live side by side with people from all over the world; our students have opportunities to develop their bravery, their resilience, and their courage in a variety of ways, each and every day.

Connecting with each other

We welcome students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and circumstances with the aim of building cultural understanding and developing tolerance. Students are selected based on their character, compassion and open-mindedness, to learn together. Many of these young adults have left their countries with the passion and courage to change the world. They are committed to addressing local and global issues that matter to them and their communities and are supported by the school in taking responsible action.