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Boarding Life at UWC Thailand

The Boarding House provides a ‘home-away-from-home’ for all of our boarding school students from grade 9 and above.

Boarding life at UWC Thailand is about growing together, bonding with friends from around the world, developing intercultural understanding, and pursuing personal growth under the supervision of teachers, coaches and house parents. The house parents are recruited from around the world for their commitment to nurture, guide and serve as role models. Many of our international house parents have a sports and outdoor education background, as well as their own subject specialism.

Boarding at UWC Thailand consists of an on-campus Boarding House with a maximum capacity of 104 students and a villa just off campus with a maximum capacity of 25 students. Boarding staff live in our boarding facilities or at nearby villas, and supervise students according to a rota. There is always a member of staff to contact in an emergency.

Boarding School Programme

Living Together

Boarding at UWC Thailand offers students a unique opportunity to build interpersonal skills and relationships across cultures and backgrounds through a shared living experience. Boarding students live in shared rooms, with roommates assigned in alignment with the value of deliberate diversity. Students will also engage with one another and with the boarding house staff in our common spaces, consisting of the communal kitchens, study spaces, and lounges that each provide a varied experience of living within the community. The boarding experience allows students to push the boundaries of their comfort zones to learn about their roommates and boarding peers and work towards finding common ways of being within the boarding houses. 

Boarding offers students a balanced living experience ranging from the quiet routine of student life to more active and engaging activities on and off-campus. The weekday routine of boarding life aligns with academic and extracurricular programming to allow students a balance of academic, social, and rest time. Over evenings, weekends, and school breaks students and boarding staff collaborate to organise additional programming on an off-campus. Off-campus programming opportunities include cultural exploration trips, local market trips, and exploration of our local village. On-campus activities include cultural cooking classes, cross-cultural conversations, game nights, and sporting activities.

Day Student Engagement

In order to foster community between our day and boarding students, day students are welcomed and invited into the boarding house in a variety of ways. Day students can visit the boarding house during the day and use common spaces during free periods, as well as after classes. Day students are also invited and encouraged to participate in any boarding programming to allow for relationship building to extend beyond the academic programming. Day students are also welcome for sleepovers in the boarding house over weekends to allow them to experience boarding life, and participate in activities that may stretch later into the evening.