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Service Learning

As an integral part of our programme, students begin to engage in service activities in primary school; participating in beach clean-ups, campus-wide sustainability projects, and working within our local community to develop an understanding and a culture of giving back.

From grade 6 to 10, students spend 100 minutes each week in a bespoke service class. Through their work with our community partners, UWC Thailand students develop leadership, event planning, and social entrepreneurship skills in authentic situations. By grade 11, the skills our students have gained across service and outdoor learning come together during Project Week: where grade 11 students design, plan, and carry out a project that is focused on providing service or participating in an adventurous journey. Project Week involves independent, low-cost travel in Thailand and/or surrounding countries. This challenging experience gives students the opportunity to learn about different cultures, themselves, and their ability to work effectively with others beyond the classroom.

There are three ways of trying to win the young. There is persuasion, there is compulsion, and there is attraction.
You can preach at them; that is a hook without a worm. You can say ‘You must volunteer’; that is the devil.
And you can tell them ‘You are needed.’ That hardly ever fails.

~ Kurt Hahn, UWC Founder

Global Concerns

The school’s Global Concerns Committee lies at the heart of our service programme.

Modelled on UWC SEA’s approach, it is a student-led and student-driven initiative. Global Concerns Committee is a dynamic initiative enabling students to put their ideas into action by establishing project groups that actively address specific issues about which the students care deeply. The projects focus on working to support causes and communities through direct links with partner organisations and ensures that all organisations are appropriate and supported in a sustainable way.

The Projects we work with: