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UWC Thailand Community Events

Each year, UWC Thailand holds several community events. Click on the event to learn more. 

24-Hour Race

The 24 Hour Race is an incredible event that has taken the world by storm. With its focus on ending modern-day slavery and raising awareness, it is the largest student-run movement of its kind. This year, the 24 Hour Race was held in 23 cities worldwide, one of which was Phuket!

Community Weekends

Community Weekends are an excellent time for our community to come together in a more relaxed and casual environment. Organised by our Manta Parent Teacher Association (Manta PTA), Community Weekends allow our diverse community members to experience different aspects of our school, meet each other, and create beautiful memories together. 

Festival of Light

Mid-December at UWC Thailand is always distinguished by the Festival of Light celebration. This year, the theme "Celebrating Belonging" aptly reflected the diverse national identities within our vibrant community.


While we value and celebrate achievement in many ways outside a final course result, we also understand that these scores are important in enabling our students to successfully take their next steps.

Intercultural Day

From captivating performances and delicious food to stunning national costumes and an inspiring flag parade, Intercultural Day is a genuine celebration of the rich traditions, cultures, and national identities represented UWC Thailand. 

Loy Krathong

Loy Krathong is a Thai festival where people float decorative lotus-shaped baskets, or "krathongs," on water to pay respects to the water spirits and seek forgiveness. Celebrated annually, it involves lanterns, traditional performances, and symbolizes letting go of negativity.


PACE organises an annual career fair for secondary students, not only to help them learn about different professions but to help them understand that a career path is not often a straight line and to help them make connections with our community.  We invite parents and community members with a wide range of experience to speak with our students in a casual table talk format. 


Songkran is the largest and most famous festival in Thailand and marks the start of Thai New Year. For younger people it is perhaps best known for its large-scale water fights (or at least it was until the pandemic) but is also known for its traditional water blessing ceremonies. An important event in the Buddhist calendar, Thais will also use the Songkran holidays as an opportunity to return home and spend time with their families


UWC Day marked not just a moment in time, but the beginning of a transformative journey towards a more sustainable future. This remarkable day was brimming with enlightening discussions, engaging workshops, and inspiring activities. It illuminated the path we must tread to secure a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

Whole School Musical

Our Whole School Musical is the result of a whole school community committed to excellence in the Arts. It has taken collaboration, communication, and dedication across all school sections to make this come together. This is a moment we should all celebrate together that might inspire us to even more beautiful action in the future.