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Beyond the Classroom

UWC Thailand believes in an innovative educational experience that goes beyond the walls of the classroom. Through outdoor education, experiential learning, and service projects, students are provided with opportunities that help to build and develop a culture aligned with UWC Values and the IB Learner Profile. The result of such learning serves to not only provide an enriching and immersive experience for students but allows students to see tangible action being taken as a result of their work, providing an early example of their ability to truly be change-makers!

The future needs people who have the courage to act when something needs to be done. When we consistently teach and expect strength, resilience and grit from today’s youth, we prepare them to show the bravery that leadership will demand. The UWC Thailand educational model, coupled with the rigour of an IB education, provides our students with the opportunities to develop their bravery, resilience, and courage in a variety of ways each and every day.