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We are not-for-profit

As a not-for-profit foundation school governed by a three-board structure, we strive to maintain fiscal responsibility.
All income is directly reinvested into the school to benefit our students and the wider school community. Our finances
and operations are overseen by the school board and made transparent through our annual reports. We strive to accommodate as many students as possible while fulfilling our mission as a UWC within the reality that our school, like all UWCs, has rigorous criteria for admissions and a low selectivity rate. Our unparalleled student body reflects
our high standards as a school, and our fees are commensurate with the world-class learning we offer students.



Our fees are all-inclusive

Students at UWC Thailand benefit from far more than classroom instruction. Our school fees include all core off-campus learning trips, such as regular Experiential Learning trips into our community, our grade-level camps and expeditions, and a wide range of learning resources and support services, including unparalleled Social-Emotional Learning and Mindfulness instruction. Simply put, we believe every child deserves the best possible learning opportunities within our core programmes. As an affiliated UWC school, one of 18 in the world, our students receive over USD 6,000,000 in financial aid every year. An investment in your child’s education now often leads to huge savings during entrance into university!


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We invest in the future

Our focus is not solely on the present. We recognise that the world continues to change at an ever-increasing pace and that our children will face many unique challenges as they grow to adulthood. Schools must also continue to mature, shifting away from a single-minded focus on exam marks and university and career preparation. We embrace a balanced approach, grounded in our commitment to the International Baccalaureate academic continuum programme, which also carefully considers the development of skills and attributes in our diverse community, empowering every child to flourish and positively impact others.



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