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In commitment to the school motto of “Good Heart, Balanced Mind, Healthy Body”, UWC Thailand, a non-profit international school on the beautiful island of Phuket, we  offer a holistic, transformative, and rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum education from Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12, including both day and boarding programming.

UWC Thailand students benefit from our programming, grounded in mindfulness, outdoor experiential education, sports and service learning. These opportunities for continuous growth in a safe and nurturing environment allow students to develop the skills and dispositions that will transcend time and prepare them for the resilience needed in an ever-changing world.

As a member of the UWC movement, students attain an unparalleled global network of connections with more than 60,000 alumni. They enjoy impactful learning experiences, enriched by our deliberate cultural diversity community, and driven by the common goal of our students to ‘be a force’ for ‘a more peaceful and sustainable future’ now and for generations to come.


The United World College Mission

As part of the UWC movement we share a common mission to UWC make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

As a UWC school, we inspire young people to put their talents and energy into social change, no matter which future path they choose. We select promising, passionate students from all over the world, and give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to make a difference.

  • We are a truly global movement. 
  • We are deliberately diverse. 
  • We are selective, but not exclusive. UWC seeks compassionate, idealistic students who are driven to make the world better. 
  • We believe that money should not be a barrier to a good education. More than 80% of students selected by UWC national committees receive full or partial financial assistance, funded by our generous supporters. Our Refugee Initiative has also been funding full scholarships to displaced young people from conflict hotspots for many years. 
  • We value service, as well as knowledge.
  • We build a community of role models. The UWC alumni network is almost 60,000 strong, and our alumni can be found in every corner of the world. Each graduate follows a different path, based on their interests and talents. But each carries the UWC ethos with them, making large and small changes through courageous action, personal example and selfless leadership.


Our Vision

To be a transformational IB school with a learning community rooted in compassionate action. We view the understanding of our minds, our bodies, and our emotions as a key life skill; fostering the development of our students by tending to both intrapersonal awareness and interpersonal sensitivity in order to create a positive and international school culture. Our aim is to cultivate genuine happiness. In an increasingly interdependent world, we treat others and the planet with respect, kindness and consideration, helping even in the smallest of ways.

Our Educational Model

This diagram outlines the educational model at UWC Thailand.

The synergies between this model and the International Baccalaureate curriculum help us to curate a robust yet flexible educational journey for our students.

By fostering our students’ own desire for life-long learning and equipping them with a set of tools they can use to grow and succeed, UWC Thailand empowers students in order to tap into their greatest potential.

UWC Thailand's Educational Goal

We seek to realise our highest human potential, cultivate genuine happiness and take mindful and compassionate action.