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Deliberate Diversity

A UWC education is founded on the principle of bringing young people, from disparate backgrounds, to live, learn and grow together. The diversity of our student body as a UWC is a deliberate focus of our school and every student, no matter their individual life story, is deeply impacted by the opportunity to develop meaningful and engaged relationships with peers from around the world. Our commitment to nuanced understanding of the cultural and linguistic identity of all of our students helps us to ground ourselves in an asset-based, additive approach to intercultural learning and understanding. 

One of the unique features of the UWC movement is the National Committee selection process, which brings further, rich diversity to our campus for the Diploma Programme years of the International Baccalaureate. National Committee students join students coming in new to us through Global Selections and join alongside our school-based admissions students to formulate a uniquely diverse microcosm of the world in our Diploma Programme. 

I came to view diversity not as conflicts, but spaces to develop ourselves and grow. UWC has provided a plethora of opportunities for students to understand how much diversity bleeds into our daily lives. Through intersections of identity of family, culture, music, art, aspirations, and dreams, students come to learn what it means to support one another by understanding each other.Alister NG, Student

Get to know our diverse student body: