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Robert (Rob) Carmichael

Director of Outdoor Experiential Education, Middle Years Programme Teacher, and Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator


Rob hails from Northern Ireland and joined UWC Thailand in 2019. Rob has always been driven to seek out adventure. This has led him to both travel and work in a number of countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Korea and now Thailand. He states he feels fortunate to have a wife who is equally ambitious in her will to explore and in the past few years they have added their son and daughter to their expedition party.
Rob has worked within the field of Education (either in a classroom setting or outdoors) for his entire career. With a strong background in a number of outdoor activity disciplines including kayaking, sailing, hiking and paddleboarding Rob has amassed a wealth of experience in leading students in a variety of challenging environments, including multi-day expeditions.
Rob states that amongst his favourite things about working at UWC Thailand is that he loves to collaborate with staff across the school and enjoys having the opportunity to facilitate engaging outdoor classes with students in every grade level.