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Nathaniel Antonio (Cece) Rosene Ovelar

Visual Arts Teacher


Nate (Cecê) is a 3rd culture kid all grown up, from the United States, Paraguay and Brazil. He teaches Primary Art, has a BA in Cultural Anthropology and Masters of Education from the United States. Cecê has been a professional artist and muralist for the last 15 years, painting large murals all over the world (Brazil, Spain, USA, China, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Paraguay, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, and Thailand). He has lived in Thailand for the last 11 years, previously teaching Art at the Australian International School of Bangkok and Webster University. Coming from an art background which focuses a lot on cultural issues and community building, his art lessons focus a lot on the humanities and traditional arts. Cecê enjoys spending time with his family, listening to world music, painting, having philosophical conversations, studying anthropology, swimming in the ocean and riding bikes with his son.