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Mike Kelso

Subject Area Learning Leader - Theory of Knowledge


Mike joined UWC Thailand in 2019. He is a highly experienced international educator with a genuine enthusiasm for his subject and a strong background in school management. He prioritises and values the relationships he develops with both students and colleagues as his basis for any role. Mike has more than 20 years of experience as an IB educator, having taught DP Chemistry, Biology and Theory of Knowledge, as well as MYP Science. He loves and appreciates Science as a way of understanding the universe, and brings this enthusiasm to every lesson. He is strongly supportive of the core values of the IB programme, as well as the academic rigour and opportunities for personal growth built into it. Mike has coaching experience in a wide range of sports (football, rugby, badminton, tennis, surfing and cycling) and is a rock/reggae bass player, composer and recording artist.

Mike is married to Silvana, a teacher of DP English Literature, English B and Spanish.