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Masuni (Zone) Mawing

Specialist Art Teacher


Zone joined UWC Thailand in 2015. He is a Specialist Art Teacher who has 20 years of working experience with students in Thai and international schools. He holds a B.Ed. in Art Education from Phuket Rajabhat University. He is from Narathiwat, a province near the border in the south of Thailand. He was one of a few in his village who finished university. Before he started to teach, he ran a gallery called Baan Sea-Nam in Phuket town.

Zone is a determined person who doesn’t give up easily on any obstacle he faces in life. He is also funny and creative. He can create any kind of art, especially watercolour and batik. He loves to teach young kids and have fun with them. His favourite sports are sepak takraw, volleyball, and surfing.