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Maria Silvana (Sil) Vazquez

Secondary School Teacher: Diploma Programme English Teacher, Diploma Programme Spanish Teacher, and Mother Tongue and Self taught Coordinator


Silvana joined UWC Thailand in 2019. She is currently the Mother Tongue and School Supported Self Taught Coordinator at UWC Thailand, as well as the English and Spanish teacher for the DP classes. She holds a Masters in Curriculum and Teaching and a degree in English Literature. Silvana has worked in international schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Auckland, New Zealand and Istanbul, Turkey where she held positions of Head of Languages and IB English team leader. She is also an examiner and workshop leader for the IBO.

As an educator, Silvana brings warmth and passion to the classroom, involving students in a caring and welcoming environment. She forms strong and caring relationships with her students and builds her practice on these.

Silvana lives in Phuket with her husband, Mike, her son, Finn and her dog and best friend, Gaia. When she is not in the classroom having conversations about literature or Spanish culture with her students, she enjoys beach walks, exploring markets, reading, practicing yoga and having some special time with her family,