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Marco Zane Castro

Running Coach


Marco Zane Castro comes to UWC by way of the United States of America. He brings a wealth of developmental knowledge having served as a junior development coach for the first 8 years of his 26 years of professional coaching experience.  Zane has played a role in junior and developmental system positions domestically, internationally, and within South East Asia.  He comes to UWC Thailand with a National Collegiate Athletic Association Distance Running Coaching history and National Collegiate Athletic Association Triathlon Coach experience.  

"I am grateful to have the opportunity to be at UWC Thailand.  I value the opportunity to guide both young women and men in running and to encourage them to stay open to any and all opportunities of the 'game'.  Running is just another area where young athletes can better learn about themselves and have an opportunity to learn, to take risks, without the fear that failure will destroy them.  I also really enjoy simplifying the potentially complicated process of training and performing and resulting in greater confidence and resilience.  I look forward to helping to build a program of notability and relevance here at UWC Thailand."