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Lalitwadee (Vera) Seedapan

Multimedia Officer


Vera is a professional photographer, videographer, and video editor originally from Eastern Thailand. She began editing videos during her high school years and eventually turned her passion for photography and videography into a career.

Her professional journey kicked off when she joined a media agency in Phuket. There, she gained hands-on experience in all aspects of photography and videography, from shooting and editing to directing and producing. This experience also taught her how to work effectively with various clients.

During her time at UWC Thailand, Vera was exposed to diverse cultures and perspectives, emphasizing the importance of storytelling. She had the opportunity to capture photography and videography for numerous classes and activities, which further fueled her passion for educational content. Vera is dedicated to using her skills to create informative and inspiring stories in the future.

Outside of her professional work, Vera is also a singer and dancer. She was actively involved in the university chorus and theater club, and she continues to enjoy these creative activities during her free time. Additionally, she's a food enthusiast always eager to try new cuisines.