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Kurtis Peterson

Primary Principal

Kurtis, originally from Canada, is in his 3rd year at UWC Thailand after spending 12 years prior to UWC Thailand as a principal in Vietnam, China, and Uganda. Prior to this, he taught Primary and Middle School in Uganda, Canada, and Colombia as well as working with street kids in Peru.

A passionate learner and leader, Kurtis enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with staff, students and parents to develop the learning pedagogy and community. In particular, he is a strong advocate for authentic and meaningful learning opportunities that enhance the holistic growth of our learners. He is a firm believer in the beliefs and values that underpin the PYP–and school as a whole–and strives to take action to continually make our school a fantastic, challenging place to learn.

When not at school, Kurtis spends most of his ‘free’ time with his family (wife, three young children and 2 dogs). When he gets the chance, he loves to participate in both team and individual sports, read, and stay connected with family and friends.