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Jeff Morey

Grade 1 Teacher


Jeff is originally from Canada and joined UWC Thailand as a Grade 1 teacher in 2020. He is a fun-loving educator with over 20 years of primary school teaching experience in 5 different countries. Jeff studied at the University of Calgary to gain a Bachelor of Education degree. Though his family still lives in Calgary, he followed his sense of adventure and immersed himself in the cultures of Japan, England, Taiwan and Thailand when teaching in those countries. Jeff has lived in Phuket for quite some time, having taught here for 12 years before a two-year repatriation to Canada. When he returned to Thailand in 2020, it felt like ‘coming home’. As an educator, Jeff believes that learning through play and following one’s passions are key motivators for learning and tries to ensure that his classes have these opportunities each and every day. Building positive, lasting relationships with his students is Jeff’s primary goal each school year and he is energized by observing their rapid development both academically and socially. When not at school, Jeff enjoys spending time on the beach with his wife and son, playing music together with his band and travelling…well, until just recently that is! With any luck, his family will soon be enjoying foreign adventures again.