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Dominique Thompson

Gymnastics and Dance Coach


Dominique is an experienced coach, choreographer, and educator from the USA who has devoted herself to building up confident, intelligent, and compassionate students. She has worked in the United States and China and is excited to move to Thailand where she plans on building a dynamic integrated gymnastics and dance program to support UWC's good heart, balanced mind, healthy body mission. She has 10+ years of dance and gymnastics experience with 5+ years of experience as an instructor and professional dance choreographer. 

She is a member of USA gymnastics. Some of her professional experience includes Lead Gymnastics Coach at Mark Spivak’s Institute of Dance and Gymnastics, Choreographer for the University of North Florida Elite Dance Team, and choreographer for music recording artists.

Dominique believes gymnastics is a foundation for understanding the body and bravely challenging oneself to work hard; while dance benefits from the result of that understanding and creates a space for expression and creativity like no other. As a coach and dance instructor, she aspires to foster an environment where students feel safe to learn and challenge themselves while having fun. “I teach my students not to seek perfection, fear mistakes, or failures. Instead, I encourage them to learn from mistakes; grow stronger, more intelligent and more fearless.”