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Chantal Kruger

English and Individuals & Societies Teacher, and Homeroom Teacher 


Originally from South Africa, Chantal has lived and worked in Asia for the past 13 years. In addition to holding a BA degree, she also has a PGCE from Nottingham University and a MA in International Education from Sunderland University. She is an avid believer in interdisciplinary learning and thinks that the classroom should be a challenging place where students are curious, compassionate but able to question the world around them.
As an educator, Chantal believes that a diverse range of cultures, experience and values makes for a rich learning environment. She feels that every student should be empowered and we do this by creating challenging, real-world learning for students. She also believes that education should be equitable, focused on sustainability and working towards solving world issues.
Chantal previously worked at an international school in Vietnam. Before that, she worked to develop project-based learning curriculums for middle and high school aged EAL students. In her free time she enjoys running, and feels particularly alive out on the trails surrounded by nature. She is here with her husband David, an artist and teacher, her daughter Chloe and  their cat, Flash.