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Celia Gkliati

Kindergarten Teacher


Celia is a passionate advocate for the IB and Nordic Educational Systems, having cultivated her love for this approach in Copenhagen. There, she embraced the tenets of outdoor education, risky play, and mindfulness. Throughout her teaching career, these principles have empowered her students to become confident, independent learners. Celia champions the idea of trusting even the youngest children to explore and learn at their own pace, embracing the belief that "Independence is the first step toward confidence."

Her teaching journey has spanned from her native Greece to countries like The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, and now, Thailand. With a Bachelor's degree in "Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education," Celia is dedicated to creating a positive kindergarten environment where children can freely explore, make mistakes, and learn.

Currently, she's enjoying her first year in Thailand alongside her Dutch partner, a fellow educator. In her downtime, Celia loves outdoor adventures, language learning, and soaking up the sun by the sea.