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Amy Sharp

Junior & Senior Kindergarten Teacher


Amy is originally from the United Kingdom and joined UWC Thailand in 2009. She started following her passion for teaching at the young age of 16, working in the local nursery over the school holidays and after school. She went on to study Childcare and Education at Cirencester College and later managed child care centres for Mark Warner holidays, taking her to Greece, France and Egypt. Her next chapter brought her to Phuket where she started teaching at UWC Thailand.
As an educator, she is a fun, caring and imaginative person with a passion for play-based learning and believes play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.

She lives in Phuket with her husband, Fernando and son, Hunter. One of Amy’s biggest achievements outside of the classroom is becoming a World Champion Thai Boxer in 2014. She now enjoys Thai boxing training as a hobby, as well as exploring new places and spending time with her family.