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Your time at UWC Thailand is just the beginning. The beauty and the strength of the UWC movement is not just the allegiance alumni feel to their UWC school or college, but a sense of being part of a global “tribe” with the UWC values at its heart. Being part of the UWC community will shape and inform you for the rest of your life.

Whether it’s at university, while traveling, when you move to a city or in your workplace, you will meet members of the UWC community wherever you go. And the best thing is that UWC alumni are always there to support each other, whether you need career advice, need a couch to sleep on for a night, or are looking for collaborators to start a project with, there is always someone willing to help – or someone who knows someone.

UWC aims to support our community in connecting with each other and collaborating. Through organised events around the world, often focusing on UWC themes to connect members of the UWC community in person. UWC also provides an online platform and mobile app that allows alumni to connect with and find community members wherever they are. UWC also provides opportunities to learn beyond their time at UWC, and support initiatives that enable the UWC community to be a true force for a peaceful, just and sustainable future.

After leaving home at just 15, Haris moved to Thailand and took his first-ever flight without speaking a word of English. Since leaving UWC Thailand in 2018 he has graduated with a BA in Political Science and a BA in International Relations at the university of Rochester. Every semester, he earned Dean's list recognition. Haris also Interned at the Office of New York State Senator Samra Brouk, Hall of Justice-NY State Unified Court System, and Rocheter local org, Sweetwater Energy Inc. He has now been awarded prestigious NYC Urban Fellowship. and received a full scholarship to complete his masters.

Haris, UWC Thailand class of 2018

Elisa graduated in 2021 and she chose to go to Erasmus School of Economics in Amsterdam.

Elisa attended UWC Thailand / PIA from 2012. She is one of the first year female students to be accepted into the Bachelor Honors Class and she hopes to continue her studies and get a PhD in Economics.

Elisa, UWC Thailand class of 2021


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